• APN - Accelerated Payment Notices

    HMRC are in full tilt issuing Accelerated Payment Notices ("APN").

    Not all of these have an offshore element but many do. We can help regardless of whether there is an offshore element or not.

    What is an APN?

    If you have already received an APN you will already know what an APN is - it is a demand to pay HMRC the tax they believe is due within 90 days.

    Can I Appeal an APN?

    No. There is no right of appeal against an APN.

    If I cannot appeal, how can you help me?

    Although you cannot appeal the APNs, you can make representations. Representations relate to ensuring

    a) that the money being sought is the correct amount

    b) that the procedures used by HMRC were correct

    If the representations are successful, HMRC will either withdraw or amend the APN. If they withdraw the APN, they will frequently issue a new APN. In this case or if HMRC amend the APN, you get at least a further 90 days to pay.

    Submitting representations may buy you some additional time. Where representations have been made, the payment date is moved back to 30 days after HMRC notify you of rejecting the representations.

    On the deadline for payment (or the delayed deadline) you must pay the full amount or have a Time To Pay arrangement in place. If you don't penalties will arise.

    What can we do?

    We can

    A) Check the amount demanded and make representations if it is wrong.

    B) Challenge the procedures used by HMRC by making representations

    C) Negotiate a Time To Pay arrangement

    If you want us to help, please email me at bernard@fiostax.com. Please send a copy of your full APN and an outline of the tax planning that you used. (We have knowledge of a lot of tax planning that people have used over the years, but we don't know all of them.) Please indicate if the figures used by HMRC are accurate.



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